Pied – Recessive

Another recognisable variety that’s been around for more than a decade is the pied. Reportedly there is a dominant and a recessive pied but I will speak for the recessive pied as this is what is widely bred in the UK at this time.

Pied is a pattern gene that produces spots on the animal. The pattern of spots is variable, as with any species. These spots can be any colour and is currently found in agouti, husky, blue and cinnamon.

You would then describe an animal as a cinnamon pied, for example.

The standard for this pattern has been submitted and is pending approval but is a gene that is already recognised by the National Hamster Council and so it can be shown in non-standard class.

Note:- It’s possible to have a roborovski that looks agouti but is actually what we currently call ‘overmarked’ pied. This means it could be genetically pied but only had one white spot or a white shoulder visible. It’s important when breeding away from pied that you check the shoulders, cheeks and around the tail for any faults in the demarcation lines or any ‘sneaky’ white spots. See the Agouti page for more information on what an unpatterned agouti should look like. This holds true for other varieties that might also be pied in disguise.