Husky – Recessive

The husky variety is one well recognised by the public and is often referred to as ‘white faced’. There are thought to be both recessive and dominant types but I will talk about the type I breed here. Recessive.

Husky robos are, I believe, a pattern which dilutes the colour on the body and removes from the face and partially the sides. It’s one of the earliest known mutations found in pet roborovski according the members of the National Hamster Council.

Puppies start life a bit ‘washed out’ and gain richness as they mature. A bit like a cream roan or banded Syrian might but always remain a kind of ‘dark blond’ colour.

You can have the husky effect on different colours such as cinnamon. You would describe an animal as a normal husky, cinnamon husky or perhaps a husky blue. In other words you’d need to know what the original colour is ‘under’ the husky.

The husky standard is currently pending approval but this is a recognised variety and can be shown in non-standard class.

You can spot Mum as the oldest robo in this photo of a recent litter