Cinnamon is the colour produced by the red eye gene. It’s not yet standardised or even recognised but this is pending. Originating on the continent I imported this from Double Special hamstery in Holland in April 2017 and started my lines from their cinnamon pied hamsters. I now breed both pied and normal cinnamon, I have also bred cinnamon husky.

Red eye is a recessive gene which dilutes the overall colour of the hamster in a similar way to argente or cinnamon in other animal species. The eyes are much brighter on a patterned animal which is also similar to other hamster species.

A red eyed hamster can be agouti or self depending on the underlying colour it’s diluting. So an agouti with red eyes would still be agouti and a blue with red eyes would be self.

Red eyed, or cinnamon, pied next to a normal agouti pied.