Available Litters

If you are interested in any of these pups please visit the Rehoming page to fill out my rehoming form. Please do still contact me if you don’t see what you like here. I can add you to my waiting list.

I will still be rehoming during the pandemic but you will not be able to enter my home to view hamster pups so this will be done via videos over email. As I am in the clinically vulnerable group I will be strictly enforcing the 2 metre social distancing rules during collections and you will need to wear a mask.

Further details of how socially distanced rehoming will work will be emailed to you. Any travel undertaken that contravenes any current government guidelines will be at your own risk.

Currently Available Roborovski

Please make sure you have read this website about roborovski hamsters before you contact me.

Doric Lucien Lachance x Doric Julienne Fanis – For agouti blue – 2 x husky males available.

Doric Rhodium x Doric Copper – For cinnamon – Last few pups left from this pairing. One older girl, one younger female and three males all born in October.

Doric Rueben x Doric Sabine Laul – For blue – Born 21st November 2020. 2 x agouti pied pending reservations. Sexes TBC

Doric Irvine x Doric Lady Marmalade – Test pairing for possible dom husky/dom pied – Born 22nd November 2020. All pups reserved

Active Pairs – No litters yet

Doric Elijah x Doric Trinity – For agouti – All agouti’s reserved at this time

Doric Blizzard x Doric Cairness – For black eyed white, expecting ?? – All pups will be reserved

Doric Colorado x Doric Liwa – For husky – Expecting husky

Planned Pairs – Coming Soon

Doric Halkirk x Doric Trigger – For agouti pied – Expecting agouti

Doric Nickel x Doric Reay – For cinnamon – Expecting agouti

Doric Papaya x Doric Tatiana – For cinnamon pied – Expecting agouti pied

Doric Azzan x Vectis Ysabel – For black eyed blue – Expecting blue and blue pied

Doric Colarado x Doric Nocturnal – For husky blue- Expecting agouti, possibly husky