A big part of hamster breeding is finding good pet homes for the pups you don’t need to keep on.

I do my best to make sure that I rehome to responsible homes and will keep a robo if I feel the home is not right.

By coming to a breeder like myself, rather than a pet shop, you are benefiting from great advice, lifetime back up in case you can’t keep your pet any longer and you know that your pet has been bred with health and temperament in mind.

I don’t breed for pets, I breed to further my show lines. As such, all of my hamsters have been handled from 2 weeks old and the health of all of my lines is monitored for any potential genetic issues.

I don’t supply pet shops and breed in my spare time so sometimes have to run a waiting list, especially if you want a specific colour.

For more information, to go on my waiting list or to register your interest in one of my pups please fill in the form below. This will give me the information I need to match you to the right hamster. Please note that I don’t rehome for breeding unless you are breeding as part of the hamster fancy.

I am rehoming during this corona virus pandemic, however, as I am in the clinically vulnerable group I will be strictly enforcing the 2 metre social distancing rules. I have already had corona once, I’ve no desire to catch it or flu so please do respect this.

Videos of your pups will be emailed to you in lieu of a normal viewing. Due to the time involved in taking these videos, this will only be done as part of the confirmation process rather than as a tool for you to choose from a whole litter.

Details of how socially distanced rehoming will work will be emailed to you and will NOT change for the foreseeable future.

To see what I have currently available, check out my Available Litters

Rehoming Form – Expect a reply within a few days

Please answer all the questions honestly. There are rarely any wrong answers and this form helps me to rehome the right hamster to you. If you intend to breed please make sure you declare it as not all hamsters that are suitable as pets are suitable for breeding. There are plenty of risks involved for the hamsters (both male and female) so do please let me know.

There are rarely cages that are ‘too small’, there are usually hamsters that are more suited to small or large cages so honesty is always the best policy.

I rarely say no, so if that is the case then there will be a very good reason. I’ll usually explain this to you and whilst it doesn’t stop you getting a hamster from somewhere else, please do listen as this may stop you buying an animal that you aren’t suited for.

If you picked either of the ‘No’ answers please stop, read my page on whether this species is right for you and then come back and continue once you are sure:- Is a Roborovski Right For Me?