One of the frustrating aspects of breeding is….

Breeding! It’s harder than you think. I honestly skeptically question anyone who has ‘accidental litters’  because breeding is actually not that easy.

At the moment I’ve female Syrians who won’t stand, female Chinese hamsters that won’t take, male Roborovskis that want to only hold hands. What’s going on??

Autumn. That’s the short answer. The shift to the colder nights and shorter days means I’m playing catch up with my daylight bulb and heating to make sure the hams don’t just decide to stop breeding altogether for the winter.

What is the best virtue that a breeder can have? Patience. What is it that I most lack?…yup.

Hopefully, I’ll have some babies coming soon.


Hopefully I’ll have some babies on the

Welcome to my world!

I started breeding in 2013 and joined the Southern and Midland hamster clubs in 2012. I joined the National Mouse Club in 2014. With this blog I intend to shed light on how difficult it is to breed ‘properly’ or ethically, the hurdles and joys of doing what I do. Not all breeders are evil and all that jazz. With my background in rescue and my current work as a vet nurse, I hope that my idealogies will help to educate people.