If you have had a hamster from me in the past and would like to send a testimonial/review to appear here please email me.

“Doric Hamstery really knows her stuff about Robos and the hamsters I have had from her have been delightful” – Jenna of Metallica Hamstery, Owner of Reuben, Simeon and Elijah from the Beaulet and Braefe litters 2019

“We purchased a Roborovski hamster in July 2020, all information on the website and through direct messaging was extremely helpful and informative.When it came to collecting our hamster (we named her “Cinnie”) all social distancing measures were in place.Cinnie has slowly started to settle in over the past couple of weeks,  during the day she is asleep in her den and hates having sawdust in there and at night we absolutely loves her wheel and running about. Recently we have started to put her in a hamster ball,  so she can explore and run around, one time after 10 minutes in the ball we found her asleep. Cinnie is very skittish at times, but we realise she is still settling in still.

Overall we highly recommend purchasing through Doric Hamstery, perfect service, extremely easy and helpful” – Bonnie and George, Owners of Cinnie from the Beach litter 2020

“We are extremely happy with the hamster that Kat rehomed with us! She chose one who is a great fit for our family. He is a happy and bold little guy with lots of personality, who after a couple of weeks is now eating from the kids’ hands. He is beautiful and healthy” – Martha, Owner of Buddy from the Ubini litter 2020

“We bought two roborovski hamsters recently. They are agouti pied in colour and we have named them Bobble and Duffy. These hamsters came to us healthy and happy, we are very pleased with them. After letting them settle in, we got them out and played with them. They didn’t mind being picked up and stroked (we found this very enjoyable). We could see that these hamsters had a happy lifestyle before rehoming them. We would recommend Doric Hamstery because the hamsters are treated well and are only available to suitable homes, there are quite a bit of contact with the breeder before you can buy any. The hamsters are in good condition and if, for any reason, you become unable to continue to care for them, they will take them back so you know they care about the hamsters. They also gave us medical information, dates of birth and other paperwork about the hamsters. Doric Hamstery certainly seem a trustworthy breeder. Thank you :)” – Sarah and daughters Amelia and Violet, Owners of Bobble and Duffy from the Ochan and Angva litters 2020

“I can’t recommend Doric Hamstery enough! From my first enquiry, Kat was very prompt in replying and has a wealth of knowledge about the breed and is very passionate about her hamsters and the rehoming process. She provided lots of helpful advice and caring for our new hamster and I would thoroughly recommend them.” – Anna, Owner of Cookie from the Khaki litter 2020

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