Long Covid and Irony

I sit here musing over my long covid journey so far. It’s now 13 months and I’m no longer hopeful of a recovery back to normal. I’ve taken up doing remote administration for a veterinary physiotherapist and whilst it’s been good to do my ‘old’ things again it’s also been a great challenge. It’s only 3 hours max a week and I think that’s my limit just now. Doing it is a bit like having my disability rubbed in my face each time it takes me forever to work something out or an email comes in that I can’t understand. I get there eventually but the idea that I can go back to an office and deal with problems on the fly is definitely a fairytale.

Some of you know that I’m an SGI-UK buddhist and chanting certainly helps me, especially when I’m feeling down. I’m also plugged in to this epic support group of like minded people as a result.


Then there are the hamsters *sigh*. My big source of joy but also…yeah, wow, a big source of “What!”

Why am I a breeder of Irony? It’s so bad here that my prefix was very nearly Ironic Hamsters.

I ask for girls, I get boys. I need a boy, I get a litter of eight girls. I want agouti, I’ll get huskies. And I hope for an expected statistic of colours and get a new variety instead.

But the irony keeps things interesting. I was once told by another breeder to never, EVER, say your breeding plans outloud in earshot of your hamsters. I thoughr she was mad…oh little did I know haha!

My plan was to get better before breeding Syrians again. But oh, I got a first cage for free and have just bagged a perfect Hamster Heaven for only £25. I think the universe is telling me something!

I think my Robos need to stay at this many lines and then I find a new ‘something’ and I have to keep it.

My recovery is uncertain but I’m a fighter and so I am fighting. Some days, like today, fighting is really hard. But yes, my hamsters keep me going. My grown up kids are amazing, my husband has had to adapt a lot this last year and he’s doing a great job.

What was the point of this blog? I dunno, have hope, keep going and always reach for the stars. Even on days when you can’t stand up, you are making it. Hope is inside you so just let it out. Today might be rubbish but there’s always tomorrow…..

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